Providing Diagnosis & Epilepsy Management

our comprehensive epilepsy program is committed to delivering world-class care for patients with epilepsy by providing accurate diagnosis and unmatched clinical management, using state-of-the-art techniques and approaches. only a few medical centers in the united states provide the range of care for epilepsy that is available here.

Our team of physicians and medical professionals provide a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and management of seizure disorders and epilepsy. Our epilepsy team includes board-certified epileptologists, an epilepsy neurosurgeon, neuroradiologists, and a dedicated team of nurses and technologists.


Request a Consultation: Surgical Treatment

an estimated three million people in the united states have epilepsy; approximately one third of these patients do not respond to treatment with medications, and, unfortunately, the possibility of obtaining seizure freedom is lessened with each additional medication trial. surgery can be a safe and highly effective alternative to excessive medication management.

必发彩票快三计划软件手机版research has shown that surgical treatment of epilepsy consistently provides the best outcomes. we recommend that these patients with hard-to-treat cases of epilepsy, be evaluated by an epilepsy specialist.

Refer a patient for surgical treatment.